is a catalogue of finished Ukrainian food products.
It is a marketplace enabling organic producers to present their products to the following customers:
  • retail chains;
  • partners on the way to increase added value;
  • end user.
The main focus is the organic product on every family's table and in the world's largest networks.

Eat organic in Ukraine

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We give answers to the questions:

About organic products

  1. What does the Ukrainian market have now?
  2. What Ukrainian organic products can be bought on the shelves of online and offline stores?
  3. What organic products can be bought directly from the producer in the online store?
  4. What are the properties of organic products and their advantages?
  5. What types of organic products in certified post-harvesting and processing organic food products exist in Ukraine?

About organic producers

  1. What producers are represented in the Ukrainian market?
  2. Which organic operators offer finished food?
  3. How to buy organic products from the producers?
  4. Who will pack the organic product under a PrivatLabel?
  5. What areas of certified activities do manufacturers work in?