Ukroliya: a leader among organic oil producers

Короткий опис

Every year we process more than 200,000 tons of sunflower to create a wide range of products that are sold to end users, the HORECA segment and industrial customers.


Vadim Shvachka:

"If we became a locomotive for Ukrainian farms in the niche of high oleicinas, then there was a slightly different story with organic. We believed in the success of organic sunflower processing thanks to our partner, one of the largest organic farms in Ukraine, PE "Agroecology". The experience of Gleb Lukyanenko, business manager of PE "Agroecology", deep trust in him personally inspired us to build an organic production.

Organic business has become the biggest challenge for us in all these 20 years. If we focused on project indicators of efficiency and return on investment, we would never undertake such a project.

We have trusted our inner instincts, the expertise of our partners and our understanding of global trends, which have shown a growing demand for organic products.

And today it is organics that have changed the image of our business, transformed our culture and become the calling card of UKROLIYA. "


Yuri Shevchenko:

"The production of value-added products, the creation of our own EFFO and Garna Organica brands, the acquisition of expert status in the field of high-oleic and organic products – all this is the result of the business transformation strategy we developed three years ago. These decisions have become the most important and significant in all 20 years of the company's existence. We managed to completely transform the business, change the company culture, create new unique products, gain new Partners and Customers.

The mission of our business is to form and develop a culture of consuming healthy oils. To do this, it is important to be an effective company at the level of operating activities and clearly move towards the set strategic goals. Our business manager, Pavlo Ivanov, will tell you more about them. "


Pavlo Ivanov:

"Strategy is impossible without tactics, and vice versa. I can identify three priority focuses on which the team will focus its work in the coming years. The first trick is to create added value. We will maximize those areas that create added value in all its possible manifestations. This applies to all types of processing.

Among our tasks: to reduce the percentage of unrefined oil and increase the percentage of refined deodorized, increase the production and sale of organic sunflower products. As the domestic organic market is currently limited by effective demand, we will focus on export positions, including exports of our packaged organic sunflower oil. After all, it is the packaged product that allows you to get the most added value. The company will do its best to move away from the perception of us as a raw material business.

The second focus is to increase business flexibility. We will work to turn our shortcomings into strengths. For example, one of our most serious disadvantages is the distance from the railway and ports. We are a bit away from the main transport arteries of Ukraine and, accordingly, we will have to make every effort to buy and process raw materials cheaper, to deliver the finished product cheaper. No matter how the market changes, it is important for us to be able to quickly restructure and offer the market what is in demand. Thanks to a diversified product portfolio and supply geography, we can switch to another market at any time, offering what we need.

And the third focus is the long-term sustainability of the business. It is impossible without the right building of relations with financial institutions. In today's world, the cost of capital plays a very important role, and our task is to make the cost of capital and the cost of raising it optimal. We focus on building long-term and stable relationships with leading financial institutions not only in Ukraine but also in the world.


Pavlo Ivanov:

"When it comes to tactics, I would single out two main tasks. The first is to build a strong team. Our team has shown its effectiveness this season, which has become one of the most difficult in recent decades. We have a strong core of people and values ​​that unite us: mutual respect, mutual support, trust based on honesty, and responsibility. It remains to bring the team to the maximum level of efficiency in terms of responsibility of key managers, set goals correctly, distribute areas of responsibility on the floors of management and launch this mechanism.

The second task is more tactical, however, it also concerns operational efficiency and speed of decision-making. It involves maximum automation of business processes, creating the ability to quickly obtain information about what is happening in the market and within the company so that the responsible manager can make quick and accurate decisions.

The implementation of the set tasks will create a stable platform for UKROLIYA's success in the future, and will allow to make the right, effective and transformational decisions clearly and quickly. "